Advanced Microsoft Project Training Course- MS.Project


For this online class, each student must have access to a computer with Microsoft Project (Windows) already installed. (Micorosoft Project 2013,2016, 2019 or Microsoft Project Online )

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Friday, April 19 (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) Online

Course fee:  CAD $350

Reserve your seat: $25  Non refundable. To be refunded if the class is cancelled by PMVISION.

Remainder:   $325   Due one week prior to the start date

 Advanced Microsoft Project Training Course –  MS.Project 2019 Level 3 Class | Designed for Microsoft Project 2016,2019,2021 & Online


This Advanced Microsoft Project 2016  Training Course aims to take the learner to more advanced levels of Microsoft Project. It covers a diverse range of topics including working simultaneously on multiple projects, sharing resources between several projects, downsizing very large projects, using templates, and automating operations with VBA.


Training Type:  Classroom Training –  Also Available as a Virtual Classroom Training

Course Level:  Advanced (Level 3)- ( For MS.Project Fundamentals Levels 1-2, take our 2 Days Microsoft Project Fundamentals Training Course)

Number of students per session: Our class sizes are typically 4-6 students per session. Our  classes are intentionally kept small in order to foster more interaction between the instructor and students. We limit classes to a maximum of six (6) students unless we are teaching a private group or organization. Each student is provided with a laptop with Microsoft Project 2016 or Project 2019 (Windows) already installed. If you prefer using your laptop, your laptop should be with Microsoft Project  2013, 2016 or MS.Project 2019  installed. You can get 1 month free trial from Microsoft Project Official site – Select Project Online Professional

Locations:   Downtown Toronto (1 Yonge St, Suite 1801- Executive Boardroom ). The training is also offered at other locations including Mississauga, Scarborough, Ottawa & Montreal. Please contact to discuss an alternate course location.

Duration:  1 Day : Sun ( 10 AM- 4 PM) . Or Weekdays : 1 Day ( 10 AM- 4 PM)

Special Offers:   Sign up with a friend and save 5% each  – Sign up with 2 friends and save 10%

Corporate Training:  Contact us for special offers


Course Objectives:

At the completion of the Advanced Microsoft Project 2019 you should be able to :

  • Create and work with several types of custom fields
  • Create and work with WBS Codes
  • Create a custom view with a custom filter, group and table
  • Run and modify standard graphical reports as well as create your own custom reports
  • Create and work with visual reports
  • Work with and create project templates
  • Work with and link multiple projects in Project
  • Create shared resources for use amongst multiple projects
  • Downsize large project files into more manageable entities
  • Export project data to other applications
  • Create VBA macros to automate operations in a project file

Who Should Attend

The Hands-On Microsoft Project 2016 course is appropriate for the following:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Schedulers
  • Anyone who is required to understand the capabilities of Microsoft Project or is required to access data from within MS Project
  • Both people who are new to using Microsoft Project as well as people who are currently using Microsoft Project who are self taught
  • People from all industries (this course is not geared to any specific industry)

Included Course Materials

  • Course workbook “PDF” including step-by-step course exercises complete with many actual screen captures and advanced project tips, exercises and answers
  • Data files with all applicable Microsoft Project files used in the course
  • Certificate of completion (PDF)

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Project 2016  advanced course assumes a good understanding of creating projects, scheduling, and over allocation problem-solving. It is also necessary to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment especially in regards to file management and file handling. Also the course is suitable for those who attended our MS.Project Fundamentals (Levels 1-2) training Microsoft Project Fundamentals Training Course


Advanced MS.Project Training Course Contents

Custom Fields

  • Understanding Custom Fields
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Inserting Custom Fields
  • Creating a Formula in a Custom Field
  • Modifying a Formula
  • Testing a Formula
  • Understanding Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
  • Creating Graphical Indicator Custom Fields
  • Creating a Lookup Custom Field
  • Creating an Outline Code Mask
  • Entering Lookup Table Values
  • Using a Lookup Table

WBS Codes

  • Understanding WBS Codes
  • Creating WBS Codes
  • Altering Tasks With Custom WBS Codes
  • Renumbering WBS Codes
  • Editing Custom WBS Codes

Custom Views

  • Preparing for the Custom View
  • Creating a Custom Filter for the View
  • Creating a Custom Group for the View
  • Creating a Custom Table for the View
  • Creating the Custom View
  • Removing a Custom View and Its Components

Graphical Reports

  • Understanding Graphical Reports
  • How Graphical Reports Work
  • Running a Report
  • Formatting Chart Objects
  • Manipulating Report Data
  • Filtering Report Data
  • Cloning an Existing Report
  • Creating a New Report
  • Enhancing Report Appearance
  • Making Reports Global
  • Removing Unwanted Reports

Visual Reports

  • Understanding Visual Reports
  • Understanding Excel Visual Reports
  • Creating a Visual Report From a Template
  • Choosing Fields to Display in a Visual Report
  • Changing the X Axis Categories
  • Filtering a Visual Report
  • Formatting a Visual Report
  • Saving a Visual Report as a Template
  • Using a Custom Visual Report Template

Project Templates

  • Understanding Project Templates
  • Examining the Templates
  • Saving a Project as a Template
  • Using a Custom Project Template
  • Specifying the Personal Templates Folder
  • Using the Personal Template Folder
  • Modifying a Template
  • Understanding the Global Template
  • Organising the Global Template
  • Applying a Newly Organised Item
  • Removing Items From the Global Template

Linking and Combining Projects

  • Understanding Linked Projects
  • Combining Projects
  • Viewing a Combined Project
  • Printing From a Combined Project
  • Setting a Combined Project Start Date
  • Changing Data in a Combined Project
  • Saving and Closing a Combined Project
  • Using Only the Combined Project File
  • Using Only Subproject Files
  • Inserting Subprojects
  • Breaking Subproject Links
  • Creating a Read Only Subproject
  • Inserting Task Links
  • Creating a Summary Milestone

Shared Resources

  • Understanding Resource Sharing
  • Creating a Common Resource Pool
  • Linking to an External Pool
  • Linking a New Project File to the Pool
  • Assigning Resources From the Pool
  • Working With Shared Resources
  • Checking for Resource Links
  • Managing Shared Resources
  • Opening Shared Resource Projects
  • Opening the Resource Pool Only
  • Assembling a Resource Master
  • Working With a Resource Master

Downsizing Larger Projects

  • Understanding Project Downsizing
  • Creating the Resource File
  • Creating Smaller Projects
  • Linking Subprojects to Resources
  • Preparing for the Master Project
  • Creating the Downsized Master File
  • Setting Project Links
  • Finalising the Master

Other Applications

  • Understanding Working With Applications
  • Copying a Gantt Chart Image
  • Copying Table Data
  • Copying to Microsoft Excel
  • Linking to Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting to Excel Using a Map
  • Importing Data From Excel


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For more details about the software, please visit Microsoft official page MS Project 2016


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This course is available as following:
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2- Virtual Classroom
3- On-Site Training: At your location, anytime , anywhere
4- Corporate Training: Special rates for Corporate Training

We provide special rate for groups :
10% Discount for Group of 3
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A certificate of completion is available upon completing the training.