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 Advanced Microsoft Project Training Course –  MS.Project 2016 Advanced Class


This Advanced Microsoft Project 2016  Training Course covers the advanced features of the application, including emphasis on customization of the application itself. You will learn to efficiently manage projects, create master projects and sub-projects, create and customize visual reports, work with resource pools, and learn about costing.


Training Type:  Classroom Training –  Also Available as a Virtual Classroom Training

Course Level:  Advanced Level

Number of students per session:  Our class sizes are typically 4-6 students per session. Our  classes are intentionally kept small in order to foster more interaction between the instructor and students. We limit classes to a maximum of six (6) students unless we are teaching a private group or organization. Each student is provided with a laptop with Microsoft Project 2016 (Windows) already installed.

Locations: Toronto ( 1 Yonge St),  Also we offer the course in Mississauga & Scarborough.

Duration:  1 Day : Sun ( 10 AM- 5 PM) . Or Weekdays : 1 Day ( 10 AM- 5 PM)

Special Offers:   Sign up with a friend and save 5% each  – Sign up with 2 friends and save 10%

Bring your laptop: Save $ 50 “$200 only” ( You should have the software installed)

Corporate Training:  Contact us for special offers


Microsoft Project 2016 is a powerful industry standard software tool that can help you manage projects, programs, and multiple tasks. Some of the new feature in Microsoft Project 2016 are :

  • More flexible timelines
  • Better options for resource scheduling
  • New themes
  • Query box to easily locate Project tools and features


Course Objectives:

The Advanced Microsoft Project 2016 training will help you :

  • Learn to work with the advanced formatting features of the Gantt chart and network diagrams.
  • Learn to create master projects and subprojects in Project 2016.
  • Learn to create customized project reports.
  • Learn to work with resource pools.
  • Learn about costing.
  • Learn to manage time and resources.
  • Learn to modify the display.
  • Learn to chart data.
  • Learn to use recurring tasks.
  • Learn to use templates.
  • Learn to customize Project reports, tables, filters, and the ribbon.
  • Learn to use macros in Project.

Who Should Attend

The Hands-On Microsoft Project 2016 course is appropriate for the following:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Schedulers
  • Anyone who is required to understand the capabilities of Microsoft Project or is required to access data from within MS Project
  • Both people who are new to using Microsoft Project as well as people who are currently using Microsoft Project who are self taught
  • People from all industries (this course is not geared to any specific industry)

Course Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples. PDF format Materials

Course Prerequisites

Experience in the following areas is required:

  • Basic Microsoft Project skills including high comfort level navigating the program.


Advanced MS.Project Training Course- Topic Outline

Starting a Project from an Existing Project, or Excel Workbook

  • Starting a Project
  • Reviewing the Options
  • Changing Save Options
  • Time Conversion
  • Creating Projects
  • Create a New Project from an Existing Project File

Advanced Methods for Managing Tasks and Resources

  • Manage Tasks and Resources: Working with Task Dependencies-Task Dependency
  • Understanding Elapsed versus Actual Time Settings
  • Setting Task Constraints
  • Splitting and Delaying Tasks: Splitting a Task: Using the Gantt Chart View
  • Delaying a Task: Using a Gantt Chart View
  • Using the Task Inspector
  • Analyzing Critical Tasks and the Critical Path: Analyze Critical Tasks: Using the Gantt Chart View
  • Using Lag Time and Lead Time: Setting Lag and Lead Time
  • Analyzing Task Assignments: Viewing Task Assignments: Using the Task Usage View
  • Using the Team Planner: Formatting the Team Planner
  • Using a Resource Pool and Sharing Resources
  • Managing Resource Availability and Pay Rates

Managing the Project with Advanced Techniques

  • Using Leveling to Solve Resource Over allocations
  • Chart View
  • Amending Tasks
  • Understanding Baseline and Interim Plans
  • Setting Additional Baselines
  • Analyzing Project Costs and Creating Budgets

Formatting and Customizing Views

  • Customizing the Gantt Chart
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Applying Filters
  • Using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Codes


  • Creating Visual Reports
  • Editing Reports

Working with Templates

  • Using Subproject within a Project
  • Using the Organizer to Maintain Templates

Special Features and Advanced Analysis

  • Use the Course Development Project
  • Modifying the Display (Shortcuts)
  • Task Usage and Resource Usage Views
  • Charting Data
  • Importing into Project
  • “Grouping”
  • Recurring Tasks


  • Templates
  • Using a Sample Template
  • Global Template

Customizing MS Project

  • Customization
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Tables
  • Adding Columns to Tables
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Filter Values
  • Customizing the Ribbon

Macros Overview Page

  • Macros
  • Creating VBA Code
  • The VB Editor
  • Working with Modules
  • Editing Macros

Request Info

For more details about the software, please visit Microsoft official page MS Project 2016

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This course is available as following:
1- Classroom Training: Downtown Toronto – Mississauga , Scarborough
2- Virtual Classroom
3- On-Site Training: At your location, anytime , anywhere
4- Corporate Training: Special rates for Corporate Training

We provide special rate for groups :
10% Discount for Group of 3
20% Discount for Group of 4

A certificate of completion is available upon completing the training.

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