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This course provides a framework which students may use to assess marketing possibilities, analyze all aspects of a marketing plan and evaluate marketing decisions in a practical and effective manner.

The course is designed to help students think like marketers and act as managers. The course is for managers who are not directly responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans and managers in small organizations without marketing departments, who may be responsible for marketing a product or service. It is also relevant to people with product or service responsibilities, anyone just beginning their careers in a company’s marketing department and non-marketers who need to have the mindset of a marketer


Course Objectives

This goal of this course is to enable students to:
• Assess the situation analysis environment in which marketing decisions are made.
• Analyze consumer behavior.
• Determine target market segments.
• Analyze the key elements in a marketing plan.
• Explain the strategic implications of marketing decisions.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing marketing programs.
• Evaluate different approaches to marketing.
• Apply your learning experience in this course to your own work.

Course Outline

This course has five modules:

Module 1: The Marketing Environment
Module 2: Target Market Segmentation Analysis and Positioning
Module 3: Marketing Planning
Module 4: Learning from the Marketplace Game
Module 5: Your Marketing Vision

The format of this course is 100% online. Prior to the start date of the course, an email will be sent to all registered students containing instructions on how to access the online Learning Management System.

Certificate of Completion is available upon finishing studying the course.

To qualify for your Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 70% or more in each of the course assessments.