The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Training is meant for professionals who wish to lay a foundation in managing projects using the PRINCE2  methodology.

PRINCE2  (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a practical, process-based methodology which lays out step-by-step guidance for project management, and can be applied to any project regardless of organization, type or culture. The Foundation exam is based on the basic principles, terms and methodology used in the PRINCE2 approach. This level measures a candidate’s understanding of the principles and terminology of PRINCE2. A Foundation level certificate demonstrates that the individual can act as an informed member of a project management team using PRINCE2 and within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

This globally accepted project management method covers all the essential concepts and practices that are essential for running a successful project. Our intensive course is designed to navigate the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner syllabus, and to prepare candidates for the PRINCE2 exams. Attend our PRINCE2 Foundation Training and move ahead with confidence in your project management career!

• Five days of classroom training
• Industry expert and qualified trainers
• 15 + 35 PDUs certificate awarded
• Practice exercises and support for the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Exam

The PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) approach to Project Management is recognised as a global standard. A process-based method, PRINCE2® can be scaled and customised to suit any size or type of project. It sets down guidelines that help you navigate through challenges and can address critical projects successfully.

Our PRINCE2® Foundation course introduces you to the philosophy behind this methodology, and teaches you basic principles, terms and methods. The Foundation qualification is a precursor to the more advanced Practitioner level. Organizations that have adapted this systematic approach have derived powerful benefits from it, including increased agility, greater efficiency and better use of finances.

This practical, step-by-step, 5 day extensive training will not only build the foundation of PRINCE2®, but will also nurture the skills and techniques that are crucial for running projects on time, to budget, and with high standards of quality.

• Introduction and overview
• Benefits of adopting PRINCE2®
• Definition of terms used in PRINCE2®
• PRINCE2® principles, themes and processes
• PRINCE2® roles and management products
• Methods used in PRINCE2®
• Tailoring PRINCE2® to your project environment
• Management of projects and products
• Monitoring and controlling projects and managing product deliveries
• Reviewing project progress
• Tips and techniques for clearing the PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam, with sample questions

The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam is a computer based closed book exam, and is given right after the completion of the training course. The exam is in multiple choice format, and comprises 75 questions which have to be completed in one hour. 5 random trial questions are not counted in the scores. Candidates must score 50% to pass the exam.

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam is a computer based closed book exam, and is given right after the completion of the training course. The exam format comprises 9 questions which carry 12 marks each, and have to be completed in two-and-a-half hours. Candidates must score 55% or a minimum of 59 marks to pass the exam. It is an open book exam and candidates may refer only to the PRINCE2® Manual during the exam.

This workshop is suitable for Product managers, Project managers, and other members of project teams, who wish to take up a comprehensive course on PRINCE2®, and qualify to being an efficient change leader in the organization.

Key Benefits of the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner
A bona fide certification along with
• An in-depth understanding of the PRINCE2® process based approach to project management
• Learn how to optimize customer experiences and derive value from each step of the project process
• Learn to manage risk and business change that supports positive outcomes
• Learn how to enhance quality and exercise control on delivery time and budget
• You can earn 15 + 35 PDUs from PMI