Course Description

This is a foundation course on which students can build and enhance their project management skill set. The course provides comprehensive coverage of the principles and techniques necessary for successful project management.

1. Project Management Process Groups
Initiating processes
Planning processes
Controlling processes
Executing processes
Closing processes
2. Project Integration Management
Develop project charter
Develop project management plan
Direct and manage project execution
Monitor and control project work
Perform integrated change control
Close project or phase
Other project management concepts
3. Project Scope Management
Collect requirements
Define scope
Create WBS
Verify scope
Control scope
4. Project Time Management
Define activities
Sequence activities
Estimate activity resources
Schedule development
Control schedule
5. Project Cost Management
Estimate cost
Determine budget
Control costs
6. Project Quality Management
Plan quality
Perform quality assurance
Perform quality control
Other key quality topics
7. Project Human Resources Management
Develop human resource plan
Acquire project team
Develop project team
Manage project team
8. Project Communications Management
Identify stakeholders
Plan communications
Distribute information
Manage stakeholder expectations
Report performance
Other communications management issues
9. Project Risk Management
Plan risk management
Identify risk
Perform qualitative analysis
Perform quantitative analysis
Plan risk responses
Monitor and control risk
10. Project Procurement Management
Plan procurements
Conduct procurements
Administer procurements
Close procurements
11. Professional Responsibility
Ensuring individual integrity and professionalism
Contributing to the project management knowledge base
Enhancing individual competence
Balancing stakeholders’ interests
Interacting in a professional and cooperative manner

The format of this course is 100% online. Prior to the start date of the course, an email will be sent to all registered students containing instructions on how to access the online Learning Management System.

Certificate of Completion is available upon finishing studying the course.