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This course provides hands-on training for Primavera’s Web-based solution. Participants will create a project, add activities and relationships, assign resources, adjust the project plan to account for schedule delays and over allocated resources, and analyze portfolios.

Participants also will learn how to customize the Personal Workspace and the Project Workspace to monitor project progress and communicate with team members. Hands-on workshops help students create and track an entire project to completion. 


Learn to:

  • Create a project
  • Assign and analyze resources
  • Analyze project performance
  • Create reports
  • Customize dashboards and the Project Workspace
  • Optimize the project schedule



  • Project Manager
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Planners and Schedulers


Course Objectives:

  • Create a project
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Add activities
  • Customize activity views
  • Create relationships
  • Schedule the project
  • Assign constraints
  • View the Enterprise Project Structure
  • Optimize the project schedule
  • Assign roles and resources
  • Analyze resources and costs
  • Baseline the project plan
  • Execute the project
  • Customize dashboards
  • Manage documents
  • Create reports

Related Primavera P6 Classes

Viewing the Enterprise Project Structure
• Describing the Organizational Breakdown Structure

Creating a Project
• Viewing Project Details

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
• Creating Multiple Levels

Adding Activities
• Describing Activity Types
• Viewing Activity Information
• Editing Activity Details
• Assigning Steps
• Assigning Codes

Using Activity Views
• Customizing a View
• Filtering Data
• Grouping and Sorting Data

Creating Relationships
• Viewing Relationship Types
• Creating Relationships in the Gantt Chart

Scheduling a Project
• Defining Key Terms
• Defining Total Float
• Describing Loops and Open Ends

Assigning Constraints
• Applying a Must Finish By Date
• Constraining an Activity

Optimizing the Project Schedule
• Analyzing Schedule Dates
• Shorten a Project Schedule

Viewing the Project Workspace
• Adding and Removing Portlets
• Customizing the Project Workspace

Assigning Roles and Resources
• Assigning a Role
• Requesting Resources
• Assigning Resources
• Checking Resource Availability

Analyzing Resources and Costs
• Analyzing Over allocation

Baselining the Project Plan
• Selecting a Baseline
• Adding a Baseline

Executing the Project Plan
• Defining the Data Date

Analyzing the Updated Project
• Comparing Dates
• Viewing Schedule Performance

Viewing Dashboards
• Customizing Dashboards
• Adding and Removing Dashboards

Managing Documents
• Uploading a Document
• Checking Out a Document
• Reviewing a Document

This course is available:
1- Classroom Training ” Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga ”
2- Your site” US, Canada, and the Middles East”
3- Live Virtual Class: Interactive, online training and labs. The same quality as classroom training, in a live, online format. Direct and interactive access to instructors. Save travel time and costs

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A certificate of completion is available upon completing the training.