By joining us, you can use our online training portal. It helps you effectively oversee and manage your students as they complete a course. Using the dashboard, the teacher can arrange learners into virtual classrooms, post learning materials and assignments, monitor students’ assessment scores, progress records, date of last access, communicate with learners, and export the reports to a spreadsheet.

Engage your students using our wide range of courses developed by educational experts. With online content available 24/7, use our training portal as additional resources and cater for different learning styles in the classroom with ease. With PMVISION, the world is your classroom!


Features and Benefits


Unlimited Number of Courses

You can add unlimited number of courses; organize your courses into categories. Register unlimited number of students.

Monitor Student Activity

See and monitor all student or learner activity in your group. View access dates and times, course progress, assessment attempts and more!

Test and verify Students’ knowledge

Use our portal as a tool for training and educational assessment. Instantly test students’ knowledge on a wide range of subject matter. Test can be in different types. You can monitor student and learner assessment scores. You can also review the assessment history of your group

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

By using our online training portal, no extra software is required and it can be implemented by anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Self-Paced Study

PMVISION provides learning is self-paced. This means that learners can study at a time, place, and pace that suits the learner. Great for different abilities!

Time and Efficient

You can greatly reduce the time it takes to train large groups of people. Delivery and administration costs are much lower than traditional methods.

PMVISION Certificate

Our certificates are only awarded upon course completion with a score of 75% or more – note that this is to a higher standard than traditional Educational Institutes. We will issue attendance certificates for your students