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Dispute Resolution Policy

Student Concern Resolution Process


PMVISION is committed to promptly and equitably resolving all student concerns to the satisfaction of both the student and the the staff.

The Student Concern Resolution Process is designed to provide students with informal and formal processes whereby a student may request the review and resolution of a concern if satisfactory resolution has not been reached by way of the daily problem-solving activities between staff and/or instructors and students, which, in most cases, will result in immediate resolution.

While student complaints must be submitted in writing, the student has the right to additionally submit his/ her complaint orally.

The student also has the right to have an individual of his/ her choosing present during all stages of the complaint process, and this individual may submit the oral complaint on behalf of the student.


Student Complaint Procedure

These are the steps to resolve any issues:

Informal Resolution Process

  • If a student has a concern about another student, the course/module, an assignment, an examination, or any other classroom related matter, the student should meet with the instructor. In most cases it is best to address the concern directly and with the person involved. If the matter cannot be resolved, the student is directed to the Program Manager.


  • If the concern involves an instructor, the facilities, financial matters, an employee, health related matters, or a concern of a serious nature, the student should meet with the Program Manager. The Program Manager may refer the student to a designee for further discussion or exploration of the issue. The  process involves meeting with the student, discussing the student’s concern, and recording the concern and the student’s desired resolution on the Student Activity Form. Relevant parties may be contacted during this process.


  • A Student Activity Form is completed and signed by both the student and the Program Manager or designee as a means of capturing the content of the conversation, concerns, agreements and/or action to be taken, if any. The Student Activity Form is given to the student and a copy is filed in the student’s administrative file.


  • If the Program Manager or designee and the student come to a satisfactory resolution during the meeting, the resolution plan is implemented, and the Program Manager or designee will follow up to ensure the resolution plan satisfactorily resolves the concern.


Formal Resolution Process:

In order to facilitate a timely and accurate resolution, students must initiate the Formal Resolution Process within ten (10) days of the date the events that gave rise to the complaint.

  • In the event that a student’s concern has not been resolved through the Informal Resolution Process, the student may initiate a formal complaint or expression of concern through the Formal Resolution Process.


  • In order for the Formal Resolution Process to begin, the student must put their concern or complaint in writing in the form of a letter and/or the Student Concern Outline Report. The student must set out the areas of concern/complaint, their intention that they follow the formal dispute resolution process, their recommendation for resolution and what steps they have taken to date to address or resolve the issue. This will initiate the Formal Resolution Process. Additional comments can be attached to the Student Concern Outline Report as necessary.


  • The Program Manager or designee will investigate the student’s concern/complaint and meet with the student to seek resolution and/or seek addition information around the concern/complaint from the student as soon as is practicable and normally within 5 business days.


  • The Program Manager or their designee will investigate the student’s concern/complaint and will respond in writing the outcome of the investigation with recommendations within 10 business days of the receipt of the complaint letter.


  • If the student accepts the conclusions/ recommendations for resolution, the matter is deemed resolved and the agreement is set out in a Student Activity Report signed by the Student and the Program Manager. A copy of the student’s complaint/letter, together with the response will be retained in the student’s file. The student will receive a copy of this report.


  • All correspondence regarding the dispute will ordinarily be under the Program Manager’s signature.


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