Consulting Skills for Client Success


2 Day Instructor-Led Training

Learn how to deliver superior value to your clients by improving your consulting toolkit and skills.

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Consulting Skills for Client Success Training


Course:              Consulting Skills for Client Success

Training Type:   Classroom Training – Online training (Virtual Classroom)

Number of students per session: Our class sizes are typically 4-6 students per session. Our  classes are intentionally kept small in order to foster more interaction between the instructor and students. We limit classes to a maximum of six (6) students unless we are teaching a private group or organization.

Locations:           Toronto (1 Yonge St),

Duration:            2 Day Training (10 AM- 5 PM) Weekends & Weekdays options

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Course Overview

The course content draws from the largest and most admired consulting companies in the world and is specifically designed to provide insight on what a consultant does, what corporations and senior people look for in consultants, how to successfully engage and create relationships with clients and even how to successfully ‘pass’ a consulting interview.

Project team members, from Business Analysts and Project Managers to Subject Matter Experts and Technical resources are consulting every day in their interactions of problem solving, risk analysis and so much more.

With this internalized set of abilities – have you ever wondered about elevating your skills and experience game by understanding the executive perspective and what they look for in consultants? Engaging senior people with confidence and being a leader in their eyes? Going out on your own for consulting? Interviewing and working for the Big Consulting houses – what do they expect?

As a Consultant and Leader, you required to engage stakeholders with credibility. The credibility comes from refined soft skills, consultant behaviors and practical, applied methodologies to solve problems and/or take advantage of opportunities which you will learn about in this course.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this two-day training, participants will be better able to:

  • Use the five-step consulting engagement life cycle and associated methods and actions to successfully consult with your clients
  • Learn about and apply different strategic frameworks with emphasis on management consulting strategic frameworks in the areas of Strategy formulation and practice applying them to o understand the factors internally and externally influencing competitiveness o           generate strategy for an enterprise, o     assess and select from options
      • the ability to view business problems from an executive management perspective
      • developing business judgment.
  • Assess your behaviors against the competencies required for consulting and identify how to leverage your strengths and close any gaps
  • Increase your credibility and value by adding consulting skills to your current skill set
  • Understand what thinking abilities global consulting corporations and technology leaders look for when interviewing
  • Create an awareness of critical soft skills such as Influence, Organizational and Cultural Intelligence in the Client-Consultant Relationship

Who is the Course for?

The course is designed for professionals and subject matter specialists including Project Mangers and Business Analysts who want to apply their expertise to help organizations analyze business problems, identify solutions and achieve them. It is also designed for individuals looking to leverage their skills and transition to an independent career. Experienced consulting practitioners who wish to improve or refresh their basic skills, insights and approaches are also welcome.

Course Outline

Introduction to Consulting  

  • Introduction to Consulting
  • The Role of a Consultant
  • PMI: Driving Change and Creating Business Value
  • Workplace areas to Consult in
  • Consulting as a Career
  • What companies look for in Consultants
  • The multiple roles of Consultants
  • The 5 step Consulting process

Entry and Critical Early Engagement of Clients

  • Establishing an initial relationship
  • 6 Foundational Consultant Characteristics for Client Success
  • Qualifying the Client Need – Strategic Questioning Framework
  • You as a Brand – How to establish the value you can offer in the client interview(s)
  • What Clients expect from Consultants
  • Client/Sponsor Commitment Analysis (can we depend on this person to champion us and maintain influence)
  • Active listening
  • Understanding and aligning to the clients culture

Strategy Concepts and Applied Frameworks – Discovery and Analysis

  • Define Problem or Opportunity explicitly
  • Establishing a clear definition of desired outcomes
  • Identifying success criteria
  • Validate assumptions
  • Mitigating Ambiguity – Scope, Context and Requirements
  • Data Collection
  • KPI Alignment

Feedback and Buy-in

  • Influencing Clients and Stakeholders
  • Selling Yourself and Your Branding
  • Motivations in the Consulting Process
  • Recognizing and handling client concerns or objection

Preparing Implementation

  • How Programs and Projects relate to Strategy in Corporations
  • A brief on Benefits Realization
  • Setting up for Success – The Change Management Framework
  • *Note – “Preparing Implementation” is in the Consulting process of transitioning and not meant to be exhaustive.


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All our instructors are certified Project Management Professionals with at least a Master Degree and years of experience in Project Management.

The instructor for weekend class : Mark Anglin.

The instructor for weekdays classes: TBA

Mark Anglin, B.Eng., MBA, PMP, Cert. Adult Education

With over 24 years of technology and global business experience, Mark is a seasoned Program and Project Manager in the 2 key technology areas of application development and IP networks.

Currently consulting with a bank for business process improvement targeting quarter over quarter margin growth, Mark teaches Project Management and Leadership part time at University of Toronto and Schulich Executive Education at York University as well as Programming Business Applications at Seneca College.

Mark has been a thought leader in The New Leadership required for the changing work environment of team of teams in the digital economy, dependence on knowledge and not processes; motivating technology teams and the move to design-centric organizational structures. With Agile being a platinum standard for how self-organizing teams are infiltrating the organizational structure, basically organizations with Agile and self-organizing teams need new types of Leadership.

Mark has brought 2 software products to market, opened and directed a company in Europe, assisted in raising capital from leading firms such as Morgan Stanley in New York, a well as Cisco Systems and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Beyers in San Francisco.

Mark has completed his Certificate in Adult Education to complement his corporate experience and has been accepted by PMI to write the PMI-ACP certification exam. Combining this with his global project experience, Marks’ training approach is a focus on discussion and application of methodologies in the context of real-life workplace, which makes the material directly relevant to the learner.

Delivery Methods:

  1.  Classroom Training: Downtown Toronto – Mississauga , Scarborough, Ottawa & Montreal.
  2.  Virtual Classroom
  3.  On-Site Training: At your location, anytime , anywhere
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Cancellation & Refund Policy

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